Emily Windsnap


  OK, I’m going to tell you three things about the new Emily Windsnap book.

Thing One: Emily is off to somewhere totally new and totally different from anywhere she’s ever been before.

Thing Two: Aaron is going with her.

Thing Three: The book begins with a strange and slightly spooky poem.

Here’s the poem . . .

  The Return of the Mountain King

I have been dead, I have been lost,
I have been turned to rock and stone.

I have been ice, I have been fire,
I have been all, and some, and none.

I have been one, I have been gone,
I have been left to wrack and rot.

And yet I melt, and breathe, and live.
I am the secret you forgot.

I am the land, the sea, the hills,
The symbols of your fear and lack.

You tried to freeze the mountain’s eyes,
But brother, see, you failed: I’m back.

— Njord

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About Liz Kessler

When Liz was quite young (about eight) she wanted to be a poet. She grew up and did lots of other things, but then in 1999 she suddenly realized she wanted to write a book. She says, “It was as though I’d remembered what I’d always wanted to do, and I’ve never looked back.” Having spent a year traveling around Europe in a camper van, Liz is now living in Cornwall, U.K.

Liz Kessler is also the author of A Year Without Autumn, a novel Booklist says is “enriched by simply drawn characters, an intensely suspenseful climax, and an upbeat ending sweetened by both strong affirmations of friendship and a romantic subplot in the supporting cast.”

About mermaids, Liz says, “I am fascinated by the sea and all the mysteries of the ocean. It’s so huge, and there is so much of it that we haven’t discovered and know nothing about. To me, mermaids represent the possibilities of what might just exist on the edges of our imaginations and our world.”

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