more titles from David Elliott

And Here's to You! (Paperback)
"Elliott’s cup runneth over with good cheer in this rhymed toast to people — and not just the two-legged variety. . . . Will have listeners calling for another round." — Kirkus Reviews

Baabwaa and Wooliam (Hardback)
A hilarious and satisfying tale of literacy, dental hygiene, and friendship from David Elliott and Melissa Sweet that is sure to have readers in stitches from start to finish.

Finn Throws a Fit! (Paperback)
Who among us hasn’t encountered that force of nature called “a fit"? A best-selling author and illustrator depict a toddler’s tantrum in all its horror and hilarity.

In the Past: From Trilobites to Dinosaurs to Mammoths in More Than 500 Million Years (Hardback)
Return to the prehistoric era and discover a host of creatures both novel and familiar, from the mysterious trilobite to the famed T. rex.

In the Sea (Paperback)
"A magnificent merger of words and images." — Booklist (starred review)

In the Wild (Paperback)
“A stunning combination of poems and illustrations celebrating some of Earth’s wildest and most beautiful creatures.” — Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

In the Woods (Hardback)
A New York Times best-selling author shares his love for woodland animals in a revealing, beautifully illustrated collection of verse for poetry lovers and budding naturalists.

Nobody's Perfect (Hardback)
Not being perfect has its virtues in this irresistible child’s-eye view.

On the Farm (Paperback)
“This handsome poetry collection feels as hearty and comforting as a bowl of sugared porridge. . . . Children will delight in the fun and beauty.” — Booklist (starred review)

On the Wing (Paperback)
“Poetry flutters across the pages of this lovely book. . . . Each poem is witty and thoughtful and enlivens its subject. . . . Every bird seems to come alive.” — School Library Journal (starred review)

On the Wing (Hardback)
David Elliott’s witty verse takes flight with gorgeous illustrations in an enchanting look at fifteen avian species for birders of all ages.

The Cool Crazy Crickets Club (Paperback)
A first chapter book for any kid who's ever started a club, joined a club, or wished he were in a club.

The Cool Crazy Crickets to the Rescue (Paperback)
The Crickets are back and they will have beginning readers jumping to join this cool crazy club!

The Two Tims (Hardback)
Best pals encounter a complication in this welcoming tale of camaraderie from New York Times best-selling author David Elliott.

What the Grizzly Knows (Hardback)
A lyrical bedtime tale of a little boy and his bear is an ode to the magic of dreams — and the transformative power of the imagination.