more titles from Silvia Borando

Near, Far a minibombo book (Hardback)
From up close and far away, things can look so different. Can you guess what animals you’re looking at as they zoom in, then zoom back out?

Now You See Me, Now You Don't a minibombo book (Hardback)
Look closely! This vibrant wordless book invites children to explore the concept of visibility.

Open Up, Please! a minibombo book (Hardback)
Lift the flaps to set the animals free! But whatever you do, stay away from the brown box, please.

Shapes at Play a minibombo book (Hardback)
Squares, triangles, and circles. Playtime! When shapes start moving around, there’s no telling what new shapes they can make—or how far they can go.

Shapes, Reshape! a minibombo book (Hardback)
The shapes in this book get mixed up, moved around, and reshaped into all kinds of animals. But can you guess which animal before they reshape?

The Cat Book a minibombo book (Hardback)
Whatever the species, your new companion animal needs your help — and these interactive books will have you smiling as you comply.