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Child-focused and parent friendly childrenís books including beautifully illustrated picture books and interactive board books perfect for little hands.

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Gift Boxes to Decorate and Make: For Every Occasion Gift Boxes to Decorate and Make: For Every Occasion (Paperback)
illustrator: Eilidh Muldoon

Each page of this book can be colored, decorated, and made into a box!

Gobbly Goat Gobbly Goat (Board Book)
illustrator: Axel Scheffler

Push the sound button to hear Gobbly’s noisy bleating on every page!

Goldilocks and Just One Bear Goldilocks and Just One Bear (Hardback)
author/illustrator: Leigh Hodgkinson

In this award-winning authorillustratorís witty sequel to the traditional Goldilocks story, Little...

Goldilocks and the Just Right Potty Goldilocks and the Just Right Potty (Hardback)
author/illustrator: Leigh Hodgkinson

"While most potty books strike readers as too old or too young, here's one that almost everyone can agree is (you guessed it) just right." - Kirkus Reviews

Guinea Pig Party Guinea Pig Party (Board Book)
author/illustrator: Holly Surplice

“As energetic and entertaining as a party full of higgledy-piggledy toddlers.” — Publishers Weekly

Halloween ABC Halloween ABC (Case Bound Board Book)
illustrator: Jannie Ho

"An abecedary of spooky or autumnal delights for the littlest readers." — Kirkus Reviews

Happy Happy (Hardback)
author/illustrator: Emma Dodd

This new addition to Emma Doddís much-loved sequence of animal books features a tenderly composed...

Happy Happy (Padded Board Book)
author/illustrator: Emma Dodd

What makes little owl happiest of all?

Happy Birthday Happy Birthday (Board Book)
illustrator: Yu-hsuan Huang

Board books featuring perennially popular nursery rhymes and songs, slider tabs, and cheerful illustrations.

Happy Birthday to You! Happy Birthday to You! (Case Bound Board Book)
illustrator: Nicola Slater

A 2018 Parent's Best Children's Book Selection

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