Latest Young Adult Fiction
Engaging reads for the YA crowd
Being Fishkill Being Fishkill (Hardback)
author: Ruth Lehrer

Fishkill Carmel fends for herself, with her fists if need be — until a thwarted lunch theft introduces her to strange, sunny Duck-Duck and a chance for a new start.

Whistling in the Dark Whistling in the Dark (Hardback)
author: Shirley Hughes

Legendary author Shirley Hughes draws on her young teenage memories for a compelling novel of friendship and mysteries set in Liverpool during the Blitz.

The Big Lie The Big Lie (Hardback)
author: Julie Mayhew

In a gripping novel set in present-day England under a Nazi regime, a sheltered teen questions what it means to be “good” — and how far she’s willing to go to break the rules.

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