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  Into the Grey


author: Celine Kiernan

After their nan accidentally burns their home down, twin brothers Pat and Dom must move with their parents and baby sister to the seaside cottage theyíve summered in, now made desolate by the winter wind. Itís there that the ghost appears ó a strange boy who cries black tears and fears a bad man, a soldier, who is chasing him. Soon Dom has become not-Dom, and Pat can sense that his brother is going to die ó while their overwhelmed parents canít even see whatís happening. Isolated and terrified, Pat needs to keep his brotherís cover while figuring out how to save him, drawing clues from his own dreams and Nanís long-ago memories, confronting a mystery that lies between this world and the next ó within the Grey. With white-knuckle pacing and a deft portrayal of family relationships, Celine Kiernan offers a taut psychological thriller that is sure to haunt readers long after the last page is turned.
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