Illustration ©1999 Helen Oxenbury, from ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND, by Lewis Carroll

How do I get to Candlewick Press?
Our offices are located at:
99 Dover Street, Somerville, MA 02144
PHONE: (617) 661-3330
FAX: (617) 661-0565

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By Boston's MBTA: Take the Red Line to Davis Square in Somerville, exit the T station and head towards Davis Square on Holland Street. Dover Street will be on the right, in between "Mr. Crepe" and "BSC Sports Club". Candlewick is located one block down Dover Street, on the right side of the street.

If traveling by car, please consult your favorite search engine for maps and detailed directions.

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Author and Illustrator Appearances
How do I schedule an author or illustrator event or appearance?

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Author and Illustrator Correspondence
How do I contact an author or illustrator?

To write to an author or illustrator, mail to:

<Author or Illustrator's Name>
c/o Candlewick Press
99 Dover Street
Somerville, MA 02144

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What kinds of books does Candlewick publish?
Candlewick Press publishes hardcover and paperback books for children of all ages: outstanding picture books, easy readers, middle-grade and young adult fiction, poetry collections, nonfiction, novelty, and activity books. We also publish e-book editions of many of our titles.

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Book Sellers and Teachers
Do you offer free materials for booksellers, teachers, and librarians?
We are happy to provide posters, activity kits, and other advertised publicity materials at your request and while supplies last. Check out our most recent catalog for new offerings, or contact:

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Brand New Readers
What are Brand New Readers and how do I get to the Brand New Readers Web site?
Brand New Readers are short, funny stories with words and pictures that children, ages 4-7, can read all the way through even the very first time. Your new reader will read with confidence--and enjoyment. Learn more about this exciting new series at!

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How do I apply for a job at Candlewick Press?
Check our Careers page for current job openings.

Does Candlewick Press offer any internships?

Candlewick Press offers paid internships in the fall, spring, and summer according to the needs of various departments. The desired time commitment averages fourteen hours per week up to twelve weeks. An independent publisher, we are a dynamic company that provides excellent opportunities to acquire firsthand knowledge of the publishing industry. We are looking for motivated, conscientious, and dedicated individuals with excellent organizational skills, as well as strong attention to detail, who are very eager to learn about the children's publishing industry and be part of a high-energy, creative team.

Typically the following internships are offered:


The ideal candidate will have a strong interest in book publishing and children's books. Responsibilities include assisting staff with the following: distributing sales materials within the department, coordinating key mailings to independent bookstores and other accounts, preparing promotional materials for school and library accounts, assisting with online social media, researching accounts online, fulfilling sample requests from accounts, and assisting department members on new projects. Necessary skills include Microsoft Office; exceptional writing, communication, and organizational skills; and a positive attitude. Knowledge of and/or interest in book selling is a plus.


Interns will work closely with a mentor in the editorial department and learn about the entire editorial process, from initial submission to printer's proofs. Intern tasks often include reading submissions, writing reader's reports, and drafting rejection letters; researching comparable titles in the market; fact-checking; researching third-party permissions for visual and textual material incorporated in books; drafting jacket/cover copy and ad card copy; and checking in-house page proofs and printer's proofs. Additionally, interns may attend meetings based on availability, which may include weekly covers, production, and picture book team meetings as well as project-specific meetings with members of the editorial, editorial services, and design teams. Candidates with reading comprehension in other languages should specify this on their resume and cover letter.

Publishing Technologies

The Publishing Technologies internship offers hands-on experience with several areas related to our digital publishing and marketing programs. The qualified intern will gain a thorough understanding of PDF creation and optimization using Adobe InDesign and Adobe Acrobat; assist the supervisor with video editing and post-production projects using Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects; help produce promotional videos used to market our novelty children's books; assist with setup and production for occasional on-site video shoots with authors and illustrators; learn to use digital photography in a controlled shooting environment in order to create promotional images for pop-up books, flap books, merchandise, box sets, giveaways, and more; shadow the supervisor on occasional e-book production projects to gain knowledge in e-book creation, file preparation, file testing, and on sale support. Candidates for this internship must be proficient on Mac OS and should understand the basics of design, video and audio editing, using the Adobe Creative Suite. Any e-book and basic HTML experience would be a bonus. Examples of your work are always welcome and encouraged!


Interns focus on one of two areas:

* School and Library Marketing - interns assist our school and library marketing team to coordinate timely mailings, including in-house programs (like Teen Buzz) and ALA award submissions (like the Newbery award); maintain various spreadsheets, including award submissions and reviews; update our School and Library Marketing Instagram and twitter accounts; fulfill desk copy requests; assist in various preparation for conventions; attend weekly departmental meetings; research influential library outlets; and more.

* Publicity - interns assist with media outreach and promotional events on behalf of books and authors by drafting press materials; researching awards and event venues; coordinating trade mailings to major review outlets; fulfilling review copy requests; organizing and maintaining marketing materials; researching targeted publicity outlets; attending weekly departmental meetings; assisting in developing marketing materials for future lists, including seasonal e-blasts; assisting with press clip maintenance and other general marketing duties.

Production and Manufacturing

The ideal candidate majors in publishing or a related area of study and has a desire to learn about printing, estimating and the art of book making. Responsibilities include: Checking and circulating proofs and advance materials; quoting, estimating and revising P&Ls; reviewing invoices; compiling information and creating spreadsheets; drafting memos and correspondence as needed; filing and archiving. Requires exceptional writing, communication and organizational skills, attention to detail and a positive attitude. Knowledge of printing is a plus. Must be proficient in Microsoft Office and Acrobat on a PC platform; A production intern will learn about 1 and 4-color printing, bookmaking methods and terminology, the workflow of a publishing house and production's role in the process.


Our Design internship is particularly well suited to students who are looking to become children's book illustrators or book designers. Design interns assist picture book and fiction designers with scanning illustrator sketches and final artwork, font research, preliminary page set up, and image placement in layouts. They help the Art Department Assistant unpack and log artwork, circulate materials, and make book dummies; and assist the Art Coordination Manager with art exhibitions, award submissions, maintaining illustrator sample files and reviewing art submissions. Design interns also attend departmental meetings on illustrator selection, cover designs, and art direction whenever possible. Other tasks and projects may be assigned on an as-needed basis. Knowledge of Adobe Creative Suite, especially Photoshop and InDesign is required. Familiarity with handling original artwork, knowledge of contemporary picture book illustration, and experience with box cutters and X-acto knives and tiling images is preferred. *Please note that Design interns will not be creating artwork themselves in this position.

Graphic Production

Interns provide graphic production/premedia support to the Art department. The Graphic Production intern will perform image retouching in Photoshop (cloning, cleaning, color/density adjustments, etc.), they will also input text changes using InDesign, design back-matter ads, assist with preparing final files for print and the creation of Press-Ready PDFs for various vendor specifications. Candidates will gain experience in the technical aspects of book publishing, exposure to numerous print technologies, and strengthen their Adobe Creative Suite skill set. Must be proficient with Adobe Creative Suite (especially Photoshop, InDesign and Acrobat Pro). Knowledge of QuarkXPress a plus.

As internships are determined on a need basis, there is a chance a particular department may not host an intern every semester. Candlewick Press' paid internship initiative offers an invaluable opportunity to develop professional skills, learn the ins and outs of the publishing world, and make important contacts within the industry. Internships can be used for college credit if approved by the interns' educational institution. We Need Diverse Books (WNDB) offers grants for diverse candidates. For more information, click here.

Application deadlines for spring, summer, and fall semesters are November 5, March 5, and June 5 respectively.

To Apply: submit a resume and cover letter via e-email, specifying the position and semester of interest, to the attention of the internship coordinator at If applying for more than one department's internship, please submit separate cover letters for each.

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How do I request a catalog?
Candlewick's catalogs are now available on Edelweiss

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Contact Us
How do I contact Candlewick Press online?

Candlewick Press, Inc.
99 Dover Street
Somerville, MA 02144
FAX: (617) 661-0565

For customer service or to order a catalog:

To review published Candlewick books, members of the press and educational consultants should contact:

For general and editorial comments or inquiries:

We do not accept editorial queries or submissions online. If you are an author or illustrator and would like us to consider your work, please read our submissions policy to learn more.

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Desk Copies
How do I request a desk copy?
We are pleased to provide complimentary desk copies of any adopted required text for instructors at colleges and universities in the US. Please e-mail the title of the book with ISBN, name of course and enrollment, and your college mailing address to

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Can I request a donation of books for my organization?
Candlewick Press is committed to supporting literacy efforts through in-kind donations of children's books to a number of worthy causes.
We have established guidelines to follow when considering eligible organizations due to the frequency and extent of recent submissions.
Candlewick prefers requests from non-profit organizations with 501(c)(3) status whose primary mission involves literacy efforts.
We do not provide monetary donations or consider sponsorship requests.
Due to increased requests for in-kind donations, Candlewick cannot donate books to individuals, classroom libraries, school auctions, or overseas efforts.

Please submit all donation requests via email to with:

  • Date by which books are needed
  • Approximate number of attendees/participants
  • Age range of children involved
  • Description of how books will be used
  • Your organization's tax ID number
  • Shipping address

    Due to the volume of requests, we are not able to respond to every appeal. Only those organizations whose requests are granted will be contacted.

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    How can I license Candlewick Press property?
    Requests for licensing Candlewick Press property (including images, titles, names, and characters) may be sent to:

    Licensing Request
    Candlewick Press, Inc.
    99 Dover Street
    Somerville, MA 02144
    FAX: (617) 661-0565

    Please note Candlewick Press cannot process any request that is not submitted in writing and allow us at least one month to respond to your request. Thank you.

    For information regarding international sales, please send inquires to

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    Whom should I contact to request permission to reprint text and/or illustrations from Candlewick Press books?

    If you wish to use content from our titles and/or this site, please submit your permission request in writing, via mail to the attention of the Permissions Department, Candlewick Press, 99 Dover Street, Somerville, MA 02144 or by fax to (617) 661-0565. You can also make a request by email at

    We estimate a minimum of six weeks from the date of submission for a response to be received to any request, but this estimation may be subject to variation. Please allow sufficient time for our response. Candlewick Press reserves all rights in its publications - you may NOT assume if you have submitted a request that permission is granted to you unless and until we have sent you a formal permission license. You should bear in mind that it takes time to process requests, and we do not always control all rights in the material being requested from us. When contacting us for permission, please be sure to include the following information relevant to your request, together with your contact details, including a postal address:

    • Exact material to be used - both text and illustrations - including page and/or figure numbers from our book (or please attach a copy of the exact material requested indicating its context).
    • Commercial, educational or non-profit- please indicate which category of usage is planned.
    • Territory for distribution (e.g. local area, the United States, the World). Please also supply details of the following depending on the proposed use of the material:

    Publication - books
    • Author name and title of your publication.
    • Is your book to be published in hardback, paperback or both?
    • Is your book for educational or trade distribution?
    • Name of your publisher and probable publication date of your book.
    • Estimated number of copies to be printed and proposed retail price for each format requested.
    • Approximate number of pages in your book and percentage of that number taken up by our material.
    • Territory in which your book will be published.
    • Language(s) in which your book will be published.

    Publication - newspapers/magazines
    • Publication date of the relevant issue of your newspaper/magazine.
    • Approximate circulation of your newspaper/magazine.
    • Territory in which your newspaper/magazine is distributed.
    • Language(s) in which your newspaper/magazine is published.
    • Retail price of your newspaper/magazine.
    • One-off or serial usage (if latter give details as to frequency and dates for proposed usage)?

    • What is the proposed download/yearly license fee for your website?
    • At what market is the website aimed?
    • URL/website address on which our material will be used.
    • Whether the website is password protected or generally available to all via the internet.
    • How long will our material remain on your website?

    Audio/Audio-visual recording (e.g. tape cassette, CD, video, DVD)
    • Will this be a straight reading of the text and/or showing of illustrations? (Please specify.)
    • If illustrations are to be used do you propose a partial or full dramatization?
    • For what market is the recording planned (e.g. commercial, educational, disabled)?
    • How many units do you plan to manufacture?
    • Where do you plan to distribute the recording (e.g. local area, the United States, the World)?
    • Approximate length of the recording and percentage of that length taken up by our material.
    • Proposed retail price. Event Promotion * In what ways will the material be used to promote the event?
    • For how long is the event planned (1 week/month/year)?

    Television or Radio
    • Is a straight reading of the text and/or showing of illustrations planned? (Please specify.)
    • If illustrations to be used, do you propose a partial or full dramatization?
    • What is the proposed duration of the program?
    • Where will the program be broadcast?
    • What are the planned date(s) of broadcast?
    • Approximate length of the program and percentage of that length taken up by our material.

    Teaching Aid
    • In what context will the material be used?
    • Will the material be sold as part of a teachers' pack?
    • Do you plan to include photocopiable sheets?
    • What is the proposed retail price of the teaching aid?

    IMPORTANT POINTS TO NOTE The above questions are intended as guidelines only to help with your permission request. They are not exhaustive and therefore we ask you to supply as much information as possible about your proposal.

    Please note Candlewick Press cannot process any request that is not submitted in writing and allow us at least six weeks to respond to your request. Thank you.

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    Product Safety
    • Effective immediately, Section 105 of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act ("CPSIA") requires a cautionary statement for certain products that are advertised on internet websites and in certain catalogues and printed materials. To see a list of Candlewick Press titles that contain cautionary statements that may be subject to Section 105 of the CPSIA, together with their ISBN's and the specific language of each cautionary statement, please click here.

    • If you have product safety questions, please contact us at

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    Orders, Sales & Customer Service
    How do I buy Candlewick Press books?

    For Individual Customers
    Thank you for your interest in our books. They can be found at many local bookstores. To find a bookseller near you or an online bookstore, please visit:
    American Booksellers Association: BookWeb Bookseller Directories
    Individual customers can place orders by calling Penguin Random House, Inc. (800) 733-3000 or faxing to (800) 659-2436. Please have your VISA, MasterCard, or American Express ready. You will be charged at the list price plus a shipping and handling fee and any applicable sales tax.

    e-book Sales
    Candlewick Press offers many of our titles in various digital formats, so please check with your e-book vendor or services.

    For Teachers and Librarians
    Orders can be placed by calling Penguin Random House, Inc. (800) 733-3000 or faxing to (800) 659-2436.

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    For Retail and Wholesale Accounts
    Candlewick Press books are distributed in the U.S. by Penguin Random House Inc. and are available from all major wholesalers and prebinders throughout the U.S. and Canada.

    If you have an existing account, order by:
    Phone: (800) 733-3000
    Fax: (800) 659-2436
    Electronic Ordering: Penguin Random House Inc. is a member of PUBNET. The SAN is 201-3975.

    To open an account, write:
    Penguin Random House Inc.
    Attn: New Accounts
    400 Hahn Rd.
    Westminster, MD 21157

    For Penguin Random House Inc. customer service:

    Write Penguin Random House
    Attn: Customer Service,
    400 Hahn Road,
    Westminster, MD 21157
    Call (800) 733-3000
    Fax (800) 659-2436

    or visit the Penguin Random House Business Self-Service site to check the status of, or track, your orders.

    To find a sales representative in your area or for general sales questions:

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    How do I place a multiple-copy order?
    Candlewick Sales Department:

    Book Trade Reps
    Booksellers: Look through this list to find a trade bookstore rep in your area.

    Abraham Associates:
    Ted Seykora
    5114 Cedar Lake Road
    St. Louis Park, MN 55416
    (p) 800-701-2489
    (f) 952-927-8089
    (IA, IL, IN, KS, KY, MI, MN, MO, NE,ND,OH,SD,WI)

    Chesapeake & Hudson:
    Robin Bell
    (p) 800-231-4469
    (f) 800-307-5163
    (DC, DE, MD, NJ, NY, PA, WV, CT, MA, ME, NH, RI, VT)

    Imprint Group:
    Derek Lawrence
    2070 Cherry Street
    Denver, CO 80207
    (p) 800-738-3961
    (f) 888-867-3869
    (AK, AZ, CA, CO, ID, MT, NM, NV, OR, UT, WY, WA, HI)

    STA (Southern Territory Associates):
    Angie Smits
    706 Magnolia Street
    Greensboro, NC 27401
    336-574-1879 phone
    336-275-3290 fax
    (AL, AR, FL, GA, LA, MS, NC, OK, SC, TN, TX,VA)

    In Canada, contact Penguin Random House of Canada Limited
    Kathryn Rennie
    Senior Imprint Sales Manager, Young Readers
    Penguin Random House of Canada
    320 Front Street West, Suite 1400
    Toronto, ON Canada M5V 3B6
    Tel: 416-364-4449

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    Audio Books
    How do I place an order for a Candlewick audio book?
    Many of our titles are also available as audiobooks and can be found wherever audiobooks are sold.

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    School and Library Reps
    I'm an approved Board of Education vendor interested in representing Candlewick to schools and/or libraries. Whom do I contact to discuss this?
    Just contact

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    Press and Reviews
    How do I schedule an author or illustrator event or appearance?

    I am a member of the press. Whom do I contact about publicity or media matters--or to interview an author/illustrator?

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    How do I submit a manuscript or artwork?

    We're sorry, but we're unable to accept unsolicited manuscripts at this time.

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    How do I arrange to reserve a Maisy, Mercy Watson, or Guess How Much I Love You's Little Nutbrown Hare costume, or an Edward Tulane doll for my bookstore/school/library event?

    Rental costumes are available through Costume Specialists. For more information, contact:

    Chad Hillman:
    (800) 596-9357

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    Trustbridge UK acquired a controlling interest in the Walker Books Group on 7 May, 2020, and in doing so, supports the continuance and development of the work of the Walker Books Group as a globally oriented, multinational, creatively led, independent, flagship publisher and producer of the highest quality trade books and goods for children from birth through young adulthood.

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