more titles from Mary Murphy

Are You My Mommy? (Board Book)
Lift the flaps and join the peek-a-boo fun with a little pup searching for his mommy.

Crocopotamus (Board Book)
Mix and match the front and back of wild animals to produce silly and magnificent new species!

Good Night Like This (Hardback)
From the creator of A Kiss Like This and Say Hello Like This! comes a third adorable animal story to share this one for bedtime.

How Kind! (Board Book)
What goes around comes around in this farmyard tale about the contagiousness of kindness.

I Kissed the Baby! (Board Book)
"An animal cast so elated that they seem on the verge of jumping into readers' laps. . . . The high-contrast pictures and exclamatory text are guaranteed eye and ear magnets for the littlest ones." Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Mouse Is Small (Board Book)
From a master of board books for the very young comes a simple and simply delightful take on the concept of size.

Only a Tree Knows How to Be a Tree (Hardback)
All living creatures have a special place in the world in this extraordinary exploration of the concept of self for very young readers.

Quick Duck! (Board Book)
Where is that duck going in such a hurry? Mary Murphy brings her surefire baby appeal to this bright concept book.

Say Hello Like This! (Hardback)
The creator of a Kiss Like This offers an exuberant concept book about the irresistible sounds that animals make. The perfect baby gift!

Slow Snail (Board Book)
Where is that snail going so s-l-o-w-l-y? Mary Murphy brings her surefire baby appeal to this bright concept book.

Utterly Lovely One (Hardback)
Tender, playful, and full of joy, this ode from mother to child makes an utterly lovely baby gift and will resonate with readers big and small.

What I Like Most (Hardback)
In a lyrical story by Mary Murphy, gorgeously illustrated by award-winning artist Zhu Cheng-Liang, a child offers an ode to her favorite things and people.