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How to Be a Zombie

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How to Be a Zombie
Written by _Multiple or No Contributors
Format: Hardback
ISBN-13: 9780763649340
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How to Be a Zombie
The Essential Guide for Anyone Who Craves Brains

authors: Serena Valentino
illustrator: Various

The vacant stare, the shambling gait, the sense that you’re falling apart — adjusting to "life" as a zombie takes a little getting used to. And what’s with the sudden obsession with brains? Time to get your outstretched hands on this comprehensive handbook spelling out all things z-o-m-b-i-e.

* identify your zombie archetype, figure out if you’re dating a zombie, and savor the joy of brains (or alternative foods when necessary)
* learn how to "pass" among the living, brush up on zombie fashion and etiquette, discover decor for the decaying, and check out some awesome tunes to eat brains by
* explore zombies in literature, films, and novels — and learn the truth about rumored celebrity zombies
* attention span getting shorter? Enjoy mini graphic novels on how to evade zombie hunters, take a zombie road trip, and"who do that voodoo"
* and much, much more guaranteed to make a trendy — if creepy and vacuous — creature proud!

So you’re a zombie. What now? Slow down — and flesh out the life of the mindless with this essential guide for the newly undead.
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$14.99 / $17.50
0763649341 /  9780763649340
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Gift Book / Hardback
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12 yrs and up
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144 / 6" x 7 11/16"
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Grade 7 and up
Horror; Humorous Stories; Legends, Myths, Fables; Horror; Satire; Monsters;
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