Pigsticks and Harold Lost in Time!

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Pigsticks and Harold Lost in Time!
Written by Alex Milway
Format: Hardback
ISBN-13: 9780763681869
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Pigsticks and Harold Lost in Time!

author/illustrator: Alex Milway

series name:
Pigsticks and Harold

Pigsticks aspires to be a brilliant inventor like his great-aunt Ada Lovepig, and the Tuptown Science Fair would be the perfect showcase for his skills except his spaceship invention is a mess, and its already the day of the competition. He needs more time! Luckily, his great-aunt Ada happens to have left behind an intact time machine, and fueled by the thought of future cakes not yet invented, Harold signs on for another Pigsticks scheme. When the lever breaks on the time machine, however, Pigsticks and Harold are catapulted back and forth through history way back to the era of the dinopigs, ahead to the building of the Statue of Pigerty in New York, back to ancient Rome and its famous Julius Squealer with no way to make the traveling stop, and with dangerous moments at every turn. Can they buy themselves enough time and a new lever for the machine to make it home again in one piece? Piece of cake! (They hope.)

Time travel runs amok as Pigsticks and his loyal sidekick commandeer a faulty time machine, catching comical glimpses of history along the way.
suggested retail price (U.S./CAN):
$12.99 / $16.99
0763681865 /  9780763681869
on sale date:
Fiction - Illustrated 6 x 9 / Hardback
age range:
5 yrs - 9 yrs
# of pages/size:
64 / 6" x 9"
grade range:
Kindergarten - Grade 4
Animals; Science Fiction;
author’s comments:
Alex Milway is the author-illustrator of the Pigsticks and Harold series, the Mousehunter trilogy, and the Mythical 9th Division series. About Pigsticks and Harold, he says, These characters are very much a part of me. Some days Im Pigsticks; some days Im Harold. Occasionally Im Bobbins the Angry Mouse, though thankfully those days are very rare. Alex Milway lives in London.
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