Heads and Tails: Underwater

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Heads and Tails: Underwater
Written by John Canty
Format: Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781536214604
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Heads and Tails: Underwater

author/illustrator: John Canty

I have eight long, flexible arms.
Which creature am I?

Swimming, gliding, croaking, or clawing . . . can you guess which underwater creature will appear next? Follow the clues from page to page, from tail to head, to discover whether it is a crab or an eel, a frog or a starfish, an octopus or a seahorse, or . . . what is that sneaking in the water? With beautiful, fluid illustrations inspired by nineteenth-century prints, this intriguing guessing game—a follow-up to Heads and Tails and Heads and Tails: Insects—will have curious children diving right in.

A side-shuffler with nippy claws. A gentle giant who can sing. Which creature is on the next page? Discover a gorgeous book for all those who love water dwellers, or following clues.
suggested retail price (U.S./CAN):
$17.99 / $23.99
1536214604 /  9781536214604
on sale date:
Picture Book Nonfiction / Hardback
age range:
2 yrs - 5 yrs
# of pages/size:
40 / 11 5/8" x 8 1/4"
grade range:
Preschool - Kindergarten
Animals; Native American; Games & Activities;
author’s comments:
John Canty is also the author-illustrator of the companion picture books Heads and Tails and Heads and Tails: Insects. He loves design, books, art, drawings, paintings, watercolors, printmaking, the country, cows, the wild ocean, architecture, beautiful writing, whippets, music, violins, croissants, pizzas, French movies, Italian food, Scandinavian design, fast computers, slow food, coffee, and beautiful Melbourne, Australia, which he calls home.
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