Magnificent Birds

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Magnificent Birds
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Format: Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781536201697
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Magnificent Birds

illustrator: Narisa Togo

From the bird of paradise that performs an extravagant courtship dance in the rain forest to the bar-tailed godwit that flies thousands of miles across the ocean without stopping, readers can learn about incredible birds from all over the world with this strikingly illustrated gift book. In stylish linocut prints, Narisa Togo captures the beauty of both rare and familiar winged creatures from every part of the globe, presenting Japanese cranes, kakapos from New Zealand, and Andean flamingoes among the fourteen graceful birds on display.

Attractive and informative, this celebration of magnificent birds around the world will set hearts soaring ó a perfect gift for avid bird-watchers and art lovers alike.
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$20.00 / $24.99
1536201693 /  9781536201697
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Non-Fiction - Picture Book / Hardback
age range:
10 yrs - 14 yrs
# of pages/size:
32 / 10 1/4" x 11 13/16"
grade range:
Grade 5 - Grade 9
Animals; Science & Nature; Science & Nature;
author’s comments:
Narisa Togo is a printmaker and illustrator with a lifelong love of birds. She has a bachelorís degree in ecology and a masterís degree in childrenís book illustration. She lives in Japan.
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