authors whose last names begin with "t"
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No Image Available Chihiro Takeuchi
Paper Peek: Colors (Board Book)

Yoko Tanaka Yoko Tanaka
Dandelion's Dream (Hardback)

Jeremy Tankard Jeremy Tankard
Me Hungry! (Hardback)

Matt Tavares Matt Tavares
Dasher (Hardback)
Becoming Babe Ruth (Hardback)
Becoming Babe Ruth (Paperback)
Crossing Niagara (Hardback)
Growing Up Pedro (Hardback)
Dasher (EBook)
Zachary's Ball (Hardback)
Henry Aaron's Dream (Hardback)
Henry Aaron's Dream (Hardback)
Henry Aaron's Dream (Paperback)
There Goes Ted Williams (Hardback)
There Goes Ted Williams (Paperback)
Crossing Niagara (Hardback)
Crossing Niagara (Paperback)
Red and Lulu (Hardback)
Mudball (Paperback)
Llegar a Ser Pedro (Hardback)
Growing Up Pedro (Paperback)
Becoming Babe Ruth (Hardback)
Zachary's Ball (Paperback)

Sean Taylor Sean Taylor
Riding a Donkey Backwards (Hardback)
I Am Actually a Penguin (Hardback)
Hoot Owl, Master of Disguise (Hardback)
Don't Call Me Choochie Pooh! (Hardback)
The World Champion of Staying Awake (Hardback)
Hoot Owl, Master of Disguise (EBook)
Hoot Owl, Master of Disguise (EBook)
A Brave Bear (Hardback)
I Want to Be in a Scary Story (Hardback)

Thomas Taylor Thomas Taylor
Malamander (Hardback)
Gargantis (Hardback)
Malamander (Paperback)
Malamander (EBook)
Gargantis (EBook)

Britta Teckentrup Britta Teckentrup
Where's the Baby? (Hardback)
Get Out of My Bath! (Board Book)
The Odd One Out (Hardback)
Up & Down (Hardback)
Fish Everywhere (Hardback)
Where's the Pair? (Hardback)
Get Out of My Bath! (Hardback)
Don't Wake Up the Tiger (Hardback)
One Is Not a Pair (Hardback)

Maria Testa Maria Testa
Becoming Joe DiMaggio (Trade Paperback)
Something About America (Paperback)

Priscilla Tey Priscilla Tey
In-Between Things (Hardback)

No Image Available The Beatles
Yellow Submarine (Hardback)
Yellow Submarine: Panorama Pops (Novelty Book)

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