authors whose last names begin with "d"
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Tania de Regil Tania de Regil

Alexis Deacon Alexis Deacon
A Place to Call Home (Hardback)
Cheese Belongs to You! (Hardback)
I Am Henry Finch (Hardback)

Heidi Deedman Heidi Deedman
Too Many Toys! (Hardback)

Wendy Delsol Wendy Delsol
Stork (EBook)
Frost (EBook)
Flock (Paperback)
Frost (Paperback)
Flock (EBook)
Flock (Hardback)
Frost (Hardback)
Stork (EBook)
Frost (EBook)
Stork (Paperback)
Stork (Hardback)
Flock (EBook)

Sheena Dempsey Sheena Dempsey
Bye-Bye Baby Brother! (Hardback)
Bruno and Titch (Hardback)

Julia Denos Julia Denos
Windows (Hardback)

Sally Derby Sally Derby
Jump Back, Paul (Hardback)

No Image Available Jenni Desmond
Albert's Tree (Hardback)

No Image Available Donna Diamond
The Shadow (Hardback)

No Image Available James Diaz
J.K. Rowling’s Wizarding World: A Pop-up Gallery of Curiosities (Hardback)

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