And Yet You Shine: The Kohinoor Diamond, Colonization, and Resistance

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And Yet You Shine: The Kohinoor Diamond, Colonization, and Resistance

author/illustrator: Supriya Kelkar

The Kohinoor diamond, one of the most famous diamonds in the world, was stolen from India and fought over throughout centuries of colonial conquest, eventually landing in the hands of British royals who tricked a ten-year-old South Asian monarch into relinquishing it. The diamond was ultimately cut to nearly half its size to suit British beauty standards for the crown jewels—and is displayed to this day in the Tower of London museum, a trophy of colonization. Probing, poetic, and shimmering with the colors and patterns of Indian textiles, And Yet You Shine is more than the true story of a precious gem passing hands. The urgent narrative and well-researched afterword invite readers to consider the origins of museum artifacts and all they represent, how history is recorded, and why acknowledging past injustices and power dynamics can shape the world we live in today—and ensure a just tomorrow. This vibrant and moving meditation on resiliency invites readers of all backgrounds to decolonize—and shine with all their might.

The story of one of the world’s most famous diamonds—stolen from South Asia during colonization and now among the crown jewels in London—is a call to action for readers to decolonize and hold their heads high.
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1536237094 /  9781536237092
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Picture Book Nonfiction / EBook
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8 yrs - 12 yrs
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48 / N/A
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Grade 3 - Grade 7
Juvenile Fiction; Biography & Autobiography; Asia; History; Activism & Social Justice;
author’s comments:
Supriya Kelkar is an Indian-American author and mixed-media illustrator. In 2016, she won the Tu Books New Visions Award for her middle-grade novel Ahimsa. She is also the author of American As Paneer Pie; That Thing about Bollywood; The Cobra’s Song; Brown Is Beautiful, illustrated by Noor Sofi; Bindu’s Bindis illustrated by Parvati Pillai; and many other acclaimed middle-grade novels and picture books. And Yet You Shine is her debut picture book as author-illustrator. Supriya Kelkar lives in Michigan.
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