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Titles in the current season...
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Curse of the Evil Librarian Curse of the Evil Librarian (Paperback)
author: Michelle Knudsen

“As ever, there’s a lot of Buffy-worthy silliness and snark grounded by . . . well-developed characters and relationships. . . . A satisfying conclusion to this horror-comedy saga.” —The Horn Book

Dad's Camera Dad's Camera (EBook)
author: Ross Watkins
illustrator: Liz Anelli

One day Dad comes home with one of those old cameras, the kind that uses film. But he doesn’t take...

Dingo Dingo (EBook)
author: Claire Saxby
illustrator: Tannya Harricks

Can you see her? There — deep in the stretching shadows — a dingo. Her pointed ears...

Dinosaur Christmas! Dinosaur Christmas! (Hardback)
author/illustrator: Penny Dale

Our favorite dinosaurs are back, and this time they must save Santa Claus from a snowstorm! Join...

Doggie Gets Scared Doggie Gets Scared (EBook)
author/illustrator: Leslie Patricelli

Baby’s toy doggie is scared of many things: shadows, swimming pools, strangers, loud noises....

Doggie Gets Scared Doggie Gets Scared (Board Book)
author/illustrator: Leslie Patricelli

Shadows, strangers, thunder and lightning! Sometimes a toy doggie gets scared. Don’t worry, Doggie, Baby is here.

Dot: For Pet's Sake Dot: For Pet's Sake (Hardback)
illustrator: The Jim Henson Company

Could Dot’s new pet-sitting service be too popular? With a comically unruly menagerie under her wing, a frazzled Dot finds that even her trusty app has a limit.

Ella's Night Lights Ella's Night Lights (Hardback)
author/illustrator: Lucy Fleming

Friendship, kindness, and gratitude are all illuminated in a quiet tale of a magical girl with mothlike wings.

Ellie's Dragon Ellie's Dragon (Hardback)
author/illustrator: Bob Graham

From master storyteller Bob Graham comes an adorable and affecting tale about imaginary friends and the bittersweet nature of growing up.

Embassy of the Dead Embassy of the Dead (Hardback)
author: Will Mabbitt
illustrator: Taryn Knight

Jake Green is dead. Or he might as well be when he mistakenly accepts a package from the Embassy of the Dead in this hilarious adventure of the afterlife, the first in a series.

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