The Heart of Glass

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The Heart of Glass
The Third Tale from the Five Kingdoms

author: Vivian French
illustrator: Ross Collins

series name:
Tales from the Five Kingdoms

Itís a fine day for dwarf watching! At least thatís what Gracie Gillypott and Prince Marcus innocently think as they set out, unaware that Princess Marigold has honed her sights on Marcus and plans to follow him to the ends of the earth -- fan, frilly petticoats, and all. As for the dwarves, itís not a fine day at all: theyíre overworked and underpaid, rushing to produce extra gold to make crowns for a royal wedding. The Chief of Works has no choice but to send for some trolls to deal with the problem, but they have their own agenda: finding a princess for their lonely king. Throw in the faithful Gubble, a slinking goblin, four chatty bats, and a heart of glass that will give its owner absolute power and you have a hilarious new adventure rife with mistaken identities -- and the ever-compelling search for the perfect match.

The madcap, macabre, and maddeningly funny Tales from the Five Kingdoms continue Ė with an oddly heart-warming adventure.
suggested retail price (U.S./CAN):
$5.99 / $7.00
0763656291 /  9780763656294
on sale date:
Fiction - Illustrated Middle-grade / EBook
age range:
7 yrs - 10 yrs
# of pages/size:
256 / N/A
grade range:
Grade 2 - Grade 5
Horror; Royalty; Monsters;
author’s comments:
Vivian French has written dozens of acclaimed books for children, including The Robe of Skulls and The Bag of Bones, the first two books in the Tales from the Five Kingdoms series, as well Growing Frogs; T. Rex; A Present for Mom; and I Love You Grandpa. She lives in Scotland.
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