Historical Notebooks
Charles Darwin and the Beagle Adventure Charles Darwin and the Beagle Adventure (Novelty Book)
illustrator: Diz Wallis

Discover the plants, animals, and people Darwin encountered on his groundbreaking voyage aboard the Beagle.

Charles Dickens Charles Dickens (Novelty Book)
author: Catherine Wells-Cole
illustrator: Various

Celebrate Dickens by stepping into his world.

Cleopatra Cleopatra (Novelty Book)
illustrator: Ian Andrew

Meet the woman who became the icon.

Marco Polo Marco Polo (Novelty Book)
author: Clint Twist
illustrator: Various

Immerse yourself in this interactive introduction to one of the greatest explorers ever known.

William Shakespeare William Shakespeare (Novelty Book)

A lavish, interactive introduction to the great poet’s life, his work and the times he lived in. (Ages 4-7)

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