Shark Week
Take a bite out of these books
Surprising Sharks Surprising Sharks (Trade Paperback)
author: Nicola Davies
illustrator: James Croft

"Everything works in this book — the informative yet humorous writing, the not-too-scary illustrations, and a superb layout that employs multisized text and bright color backgrounds to great effect." — The Horn Book

Slickety Quick: Poems about Sharks Slickety Quick: Poems about Sharks (Hardback)
author: Skila Brown
illustrator: Bob Kolar

Fourteen shark species, from the utterly terrifying to the surprisingly docile, glide through the pages of this vibrantly illustrated, poetic picture book.

Stink and the Shark Sleepover Stink and the Shark Sleepover (Paperback)
author: Megan McDonald
illustrator: Peter H. Reynolds

Stink gets to sleep with the fishes after his parents win an aquarium sleepover. Can he outswim his fear of what’s lurking beyond the KEEP OUT sign?

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