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Written by Raymond Huber
Format: Paperback
ISBN-13: 9781536233278
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author: Raymond Huber
illustrator: Brian Lovelock

series name:
Read and Wonder

Meet the gecko, the escape artist of the lizard world. Hawks, rats, and snakes would love to catch one for their dinner, but as the gecko’s amazing ability to protect itself and outsmart predators keeps it safe from day to day, it is more than a match for its pursuers! With clever camouflage, a tail that can drop as a decoy, feet covered in tiny hairs for gripping (and hanging out upside down), and eyes that it cleans with its tongue, the gecko is truly a fascinating little creature well worth learning about. This wonderful introduction to one of the coolest lizards on the planet will captivate amateur scientists.

“Brian Lovelock’s ink, colored-pencil, and watercolor pictures work in beautiful tandem with Raymond Huber’s text to describe the capacities of an extraordinary creature.” —Wall Street Journal
suggested retail price (U.S./CAN):
$8.99 / $12.99
1536233277 /  9781536233278
on sale date:
Non-Fiction - Picture Book / Paperback
age range:
5 yrs - 9 yrs
# of pages/size:
32 / 9 1/16" x 9 13/16"
grade range:
Kindergarten - Grade 4
Animals; Science & Nature; Australia & Oceania;
author’s comments:
Raymond Huber has been a social worker, gardener, primary school teacher, lecturer, writer, and editor. He is the author of Flight of the Honey Bee, illustrated by Brian Lovelock, as well as other books for young readers. Raymond Huber lives in New Zealand.
illustrator’s comments:
Brian Lovelock is a scientist and painter whose books for children include Roadwork. Construction, and Demolition, all written by Sally Sutton, and Flight of the Honey Bee, written by Raymond Huber. Brian Lovelock lives in New Zealand.
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