V. Malar: Greatest Host of All Time

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V. Malar: Greatest Host of All Time

author: Suma Subramaniam
illustrator: Archana Sreenivasan

series name:
V. Malar

V. Malar loves living on a farm with her parents in a small town in India. And Malar’s absolute favorite time of year, the harvest festival known as Pongal, is finally here! This year’s festival will be different because her aunt, uncle, and cousins from Seattle will be visiting and celebrating with them. Feeling both excited and nervous, Malar promises to be a great host to her cousins. But when Priya and Kamal talk about all the things they have back home, or when they’re not interested in the animals on the farm, Malar finds it hard to keep her patience and be the gracious host she promised she’d be. The cousins clearly don’t start off on the right foot, but after a few clashes, there are some laughs, and Malar realizes that her cousins might just become friends after all. Family and celebrations big and small await in Suma Subramaniam’s sweet story, brought to life by Archana’s Sreenivasan’s friendly illustrations. A glossary of Indian terms and an author’s note about Pongal can be found in the back matter.

V. Malar can’t wait to celebrate the harvest festival Pongal with her cousins from Seattle. But will they have enough in common to make it enjoyable? An illustrated chapter book about extended family and holiday traditions, kicking off a charming new series.
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$6.99 / $0.00
1536240052 /  9781536240054
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Fiction - Illustrated Middle-grade / EBook
age range:
7 yrs - 10 yrs
# of pages/size:
128 / N/A
grade range:
Grade 2 - Grade 5
Family; Holidays & Celebrations; Lifestyles; People & Places;
author’s comments:
Suma Subramaniam is a recruiter for a software company by day and a children’s author by night. She is the author of Namaste Is a Greeting, illustrated by Sandhya Prabhat, and several other books for children. She lives in Woodinville, Washington.
illustrator’s comments:
Archana Sreenivasan is a freelance illustrator whose work has been published in magazines, children’s books, and comics. She finds the natural world and people-watching most inspiring and engaging. She is based in Bangalore, India.
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