Calculating Chimpanzees, Brainy Bees, and Other Animals with Mind-Blowing Mathematical Abilities

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Calculating Chimpanzees, Brainy Bees, and Other Animals with Mind-Blowing Mathematical Abilities

author: Stephanie Gibeault

illustrator: Jaclyn Sinquett

series name:
Extraordinary Animals
Animals know a lot more about numbers than you might think. Guppies can tell large numbers from small ones, hyenas can count, and chimpanzees can use Arabic numerals! Readers will get to know these extraordinary animals and more—and how scientists study their number sense. Each chapter wraps up with an interview with a researcher and a hands-on activity that give readers the chance to challenge their own math skills. Illustrations brimming with personality, along with colorful photos, sidebars, and splashy facts, make for an entertaining delve into these fascinating studies in this second book in the Extraordinary Animals series. A bibliography as well as an “Add to Your Knowledge” section at the back encourage more discovery.
Could your pet help you with your math homework? Discover how amazing animals use number sense in this fun and fact-filled investigation.
suggested retail price (U.S.):
1536237469 / 9781536237467
pub date:
Non-Fiction / EBook
age range:
9 yrs - 12 yrs
# of pages/size:
96 / N/A
grade range:
Grade 4 - Grade 7
Juvenile Fiction; Animals; Mathematics; Science & Nature;
author’s comments:
Stephanie Gibeault is a Canadian animal science expert with a master’s in animal behavior and a bachelor’s in ecology and evolution. She’s been pooped on by monkeys, grumbled at by gorillas, and drooled on by dogs. Now she writes fiction and nonfiction books for children as well as articles for magazines and the internet. She does math puzzles to relax and lives just outside of Toronto.
illustrator’s comments:
Jaclyn Sinquett has illustrated many books for children, including I Love Strawberries by Shannon Anderson and Sincerely Emerson by Emerson Weber. She lives in New Jersey.
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