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Amy Namey in Ace Reporter Amy Namey in Ace Reporter (Hardback)
author: Megan McDonald
illustrator: Erwin Madrid

Read all about it! Amy Namey is chasing a news story in this Judy Moody® story for newly independent readers.

Amy's Three Best Things Amy's Three Best Things (Hardback)
author: Philippa Pearce
illustrator: Helen Craig

In a tale both comforting and magical, a child finds a way to calm her worries during a first visit away from home.

An Artist's Alphabet An Artist's Alphabet (Hardback)
author/illustrator: Norman Messenger

Readers will be mesmerized by these surreal and gorgeously rendered alphabet letters, cleverly shaped from flora, fauna, and more.

Anatomicum Anatomicum (Hardback)
author: Jennifer Z. Paxton
illustrator: Katy Wiedemann

Welcome to a museum that is always open to explore. Inside these pages you’ll get a peek at the...

Ancient Egypt: Tales of Gods and Pharaohs Ancient Egypt: Tales of Gods and Pharaohs (Paperback)
author/illustrator: Marcia Williams

"A brisk dash through Egyptian myth and history." — Kirkus Reviews

Ancient Fire Ancient Fire (Hardback)
author: Mark London Williams

Hitch a ride through time on the Danger Boy® adventures! These rich, action-filled fantasies about a reluctant time-traveler and his unusual sidekicks will keep readers on the edge of their seats.

And Here's to You! And Here's to You! (Paperback)
author: David Elliott
illustrator: Randy Cecil

"Elliott’s cup runneth over with good cheer in this rhymed toast to people — and not just the two-legged variety. . . . Will have listeners calling for another round." — Kirkus Reviews

And So They Build And So They Build (Paperback)
author/illustrator: Bert Kitchen

"A fascinating glimpse of some of the architectural wonders to be found within the animal world and a welcome addition to . . . natural-history collections." — Booklist

And the Cars Go... And the Cars Go... (Hardback)
author/illustrator: William Bee

Hop in for a droll read-aloud vrooming with sound words and intricate illustrations of all things that go.

And the Good Brown Earth And the Good Brown Earth (Paperback)
author/illustrator: Kathy Henderson

"This treasure of a book highlights the bonds between the generations and between gardeners and the earth." — School Library Journal

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