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  Ghetto Cowboy


author: G. Neri
illustrator: Jesse Joshua Watson

When Coleís mom dumps him in the mean streets of Philadelphia to live with the dad heís never met, the last thing Cole expects to see is a horse, let alone a stable full of them. He may not know much about cowboys, but what he knows for sure is that cowboys arenít black, and they donít live in the inner city. But in his dadís íhood, horses are a way of life, and soon Coleís days of skipping school and getting in trouble in Detroit have been replaced by shoveling muck and trying not to get stomped on. At first, all Cole can think about is how to ditch these ghetto cowboys and get home. But when the City threatens to shut down the stables ó and take away the horse Cole has come to think of as his own ó he knows that itís time to step up and fight back. Inspired by the little-known urban riders of Philly and Brooklyn, this compelling tale of latter-day cowboy justice champions a world where your friends always have your back, especially when the chips are down.

pub date: 08/2011
isbn #: 0763649228
price (U.S.): $15.99

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Ghetto Cowboy