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  Jasmine Green Rescues: A Goat Called Willow


author: Helen Peters
illustrator: Ellie Snowdon

On a trip to the local fair, Jasmine and her best friend, Tom, discover an orphaned baby goat for sale. The owner says he cannot raise her, so this seems like the perfect use for their spending money. But getting the goat home without Jasmine’s parents realizing is nearly impossible, and so is keeping her inside a pen—Willow loves to jump! Jasmine decides to enter the goat in an agility contest (sheepdogs, move over) to show Mom and Dad just how wonderful Willow is. Will Jasmine’s parents agree to keep the little escape artist? Or is there a better home for Willow than Oak Tree Farm? In a lighthearted adventure, author Helen Peters and illustrator Ellie Snowdon invite readers on a laugh-out-loud romp through the ups and downs of animal caretaking.

pub date: 03/2021
isbn #: 1536210293
price (U.S.): $14.99

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Jasmine Green Rescues: A Goat Called Willow