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  Loki: A Bad God's Guide to Taking the Blame


author: Louie Stowell
illustrator: Louie Stowell

Norse god Loki records the highs and lows of living on Earth as an eleven-year-old in grumbles, snarks, and doodles in his enchanted diary. He might not have shown any moral improvement (yet), but Odin has given Loki another chance to prove himself worthy of Asgard. Earning everyoneís trust isnít easy, however. So far, Loki has managed to make only one human friend, Valerie, but is now irritated to learn that Valerie has made another friend, Georgina. Then, at Thorís birthday party (a pointless mortal ritual, though luckily there is cake), the magical hammer Mjolnir is stolenóand everyone suspects Loki! Can Loki find Thorís hammer, discover who the real thief is, and clear his nameóor will his jealousy over Valerieís new friend cloud his judgment? From dangerous Frost Giants to disappointing parent-teacher conferences, Lokiís riotously funny illustrated adventures continue.
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