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  Claiming Georgia Tate


author: Gigi Amateau

Twelve-year-old Georgia Tate wishes she could stay home in Mississippi forever with her preacher granddaddy and her best friend Ginger. After losing her nana to a heart attack, she desperately wishes she could tell her granddaddy why she canít possibly move in with Daddy ó about the things he does that make her feel so ashamed. With a vivid narrative voice, Gigi Amateau tells an unflinching tale of a sensitive girl caught in the trauma of incestuous abuse. But it is also a story of survival ó an ode to the solace of family, the mercy of strangers, and the possibility of hope and healing.

pub date: 04/2007
isbn #: 0763633119
price (U.S.): $7.99

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