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  Coaltown Jesus


author: Ron Koertge

Walker shouldnít have been so surprised to find Jesus standing in the middle of his bedroom. After all, heíd prayed for whoever was up there to help him, and to help his mom, who hadnít stopped crying since Noah died two months ago. But since when have prayers actually been answered? And since when has Jesus been so . . . irreverent? But as astounding as Jesusí sudden appearance is, itís going to take more than divine intervention for Walker to come to terms with his brotherís sudden death. Why would God take seventeen-year-old Noah when half of the residents in his momís nursing home were waiting to die? And why would he send Jesus to Coaltown, Illinois, to pick up the pieces? In a spare and often humorous text, renowned poet Ron Koertge tackles some of lifeís biggest questions ó and humanizes the divine savior in a way that highlights the divinity in all of us.
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