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  Ride: Kit Meets Covington


author: Bobbi JG Weiss

Trying to move on from her motherís death and afraid of riding after a bad fall, plucky fourteen-year-old Kit Bridges doesnít quite know what to expect when her father takes a position at The Covington Academy, a prestigious boarding school in England. Things are looking up when Kit meets her cool, possibly secretly royal new roommate, Anya, and the boys of Covington, like Will, with their charming accents. But she hadnít anticipated such a strict headmistress as Lady Covington. Or the expectation that every student be a rider. Or the wild horse that she seems to have a strange and special bond with. While navigating new friendships, romances, and an alarmingly austere new environment, Kit needs to figure out whether sheís ready to get back in the saddle. And at the end of the day, itís hard to tell who will be more changed by her arrival ó The Covington Academy or Kit herself.
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Ride: Kit Meets Covington Audio Book Excerpt