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  The Key to Every Thing


author: Pat Schmatz

Tash didnít want to go to camp, didnít want to spend the summer with a bunch of strangers, didnít want to be separated from the only two people she has ever been able to count on: her uncle Kevin, who saved her from foster care, and Capín Jackie, who lives next door. Camp turns out to be pretty fun, actually, but when Tash returns home, Capín Jackie is gone. And Tash needs her ó the made-up stories of dolphin-dragons, the warm cookies that made everything all right after a fight, the key Capín Jackie always insisted had magic in it. The Captain always said all Tash had to do was hold it tight and the magic would come. Was it true? Could the key bring Capín Jackie back? In a heartfelt and stunningly written story, Pat Schmatz introduces readers to a tenacious, fiercely loyal girl struggling to let go of the fantasies and fears of her childhood . . . and say yes to everything that lies ahead.
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