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  This Boy


author: Lauren Myracle

Paul Walden is not an alpha lobster, the hypermasculine crustacean king who intimidates the other male lobsters, beds all the lady lobsters, and wins at life. At least not according to the ego-bursting feedback hes given in his freshman seminar. But Paul finds a funny, faithful friend in Roby Smalls, and maybe oh god, please hes beginning to catch the interest of smart, beautiful Natalia Gutierrez. Cruising through high school as a sauced-out, rap-loving beta lobster suits Paul fine, and if life ever gets him down? Smoke a little weed, crunch a few pills . . . its all good. But in the treacherous currents of teenage culture, its easy to get pulled under. With perfect frankness, Lauren Myracle lays bare the life of one boy as he navigates friendship, love, loss, and addiction. Its life at its most ordinary and most unforgettable.
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