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  Jasmine Green Rescues: A Collie Called Sky


author: Helen Peters
illustrator: Ellie Snowdon

When Jasmine discovers a tiny pup hiding under a hedge on her familyís farm, she canít believe her eyes. The poor thing hasnít had anything to eat or drink in a long time, and he is so weak he can barely lift his head. Luckily, Jasmineís mother is a veterinarian, and the Green family can give the puppy lots of love and care. But even if the pup survives, he has a long recovery ahead, and it will be hard for him to trust after being hurt before. Will Jasmine be able to form a bond with her new animal friend? Or will his owner try to take him back? An infectious love for animals and some impressive caretaking skills combine in a gently suspenseful story sure to appeal to readers who love a good dog tale.
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Jasmine Green Rescues: A Collie Called Sky